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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I figured that in the Spirit of Christmas, I would give you all a gift, a new post! You would think it would take something less important than Christmas for me to post some pictures, but that's Winter for you. I just don't get out to shoot as much in the Winter. A true gift to you though, is me introducing you to homemade Bokeh shots! Read on readers!

Here's a little taste of the Christmas Season!

These above two are my first experiments with my homemade Bokeh lens. It's really easy, and you get some fun results. These two shots are pictures of Christmas lights in my neighborhood. I rigged my lens so that the lights showed up as stars. You can manipulate it to any shape you want! It's abstract, but with a little creativity, can produce some awesome results. These ones don't count as awesome in my book, but hey, they were my first ones. This weekend I'll spend more time with it and post my results. Check out how to do it yourself HERE and have some fun this Christmas!


Damitz Family said...

Those are really cool! I know I've got some black construction paper around here somewhere. I'll find some before we take our Christmas tree down, oooh, and maybe go see the Christmas lights at the park. Hmmmmm, maybe for FHE tomorrow . . .

Kaylee and Tyson said...

Hey Bryan, Remember Me? I found your blog through Tyler and Stephs. I just have to say the pictures on here look AMAZING! I had no idea you were into Photography. Do you take pictures for other people too?