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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Portraits are my Favorite

I've had a lot of fun lately. I've had a couple opportunities to do some portraits. I think my favorite type of pictures to take are portraits. Landscapes are cool, but portraits mean so much more because of the emotional attachment we can have with the people in the picture. They're much more challenging to get right though, because your subject doesn't stay still, and changes each time the shutter opens. The challenge is part of what makes it so fun for me though. Hope you enjoy!

Babies....who doesn't love a cute picture of a baby?

I don't know what it is about feet that makes this picture so fun....feet are weird that way.

I had a blast taking this couple's engagement pictures. We thought we were in for some Fall foliage, but instead, got some Winter wetness. In my opinion, they turned out better with the snow than how they probably would have turned out with an Autumn backdrop.


RaeRae said...

hey bry great job wish yall were here to take pics of our cute little boy. miss you guys. danny would want you here to play guitar yall lots

Damitz Family said...

I LOVE the pictures of that cute baby :) They all look fantastic and I must say your subjects are very blessed and lucky you're so talented and willing.

Well done!

Jessica said...

Nice job. I love the black and white pics...i love the feet pic too!

Bryce and Hanah and Reese said...

You take really good pic's. I love that it snowed on their picture day. who would have guessed?!