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Friday, February 29, 2008

My Favorite Wedding Shot

I'm no professional, and I haven't shot many weddings, but this is definitely my favorite that I have captured while shooting the few weddings that I have.  I know it's not one the bride and groom would choose to hang above their mantle because you can hardly tell that they are there, but I like it for the story it tells.  I shot this at my brother's wedding in Oregon.  He was married in an old Mennanite church.  This was the first time he had seen his bride in her dress, and everyone cleared the room to let them have a private moment, except for me of course.  I snuck up on the balcony, snapped on a fisheye lens, and was lucky enough to get the shot.  Sometimes I feel like the pictures I shoot are more like a gift to me.  On rare occassions, I get to share in intimate moments and capture true emotion in faces and moments in time that might never repeat themselves, and that is truly a gift.

1 comment:

Bryce and Hanah and Reese said...

That is seriously a wonderful picture. I always wanted pictures like that at my wedding, and was seriously let down. I bet your brother was so happy to have great pictures. Good job!