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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Sorry, I know it's been too long. Thanks to my Sister who so kindly reminds me that I need to post new stuff. So, here we go. For those who I've kept in terrible suspense concerning my last posts challenge to guess what that one crazy picture is, it's a picture I took while driving in the car (not the safest, I know) at night as I drove down the street. The various light sources (car headlights, street lamps, stop lights, business signs, etc) created all sorts of light drawings that I thought were kind of cool.
Today I thought I'd post a few pictures of Texas I took while living there last Summer. Also, I've posted my new favorite picture. It's my favorite because not only is it my beautiful daughter, but it's also a really great picture, if I do say so myself. Hope you enjoy.

At my apartment complex in Texas

Fort Worth, TX Cityscape

Texas Thunder Storm

Cutest baby this side of the Mississippi....and probably the other side too!


Mike S. said...

Those are some neat pictures, Bryan! Love the lightning. It's so hard to get good shots of it! And that picture of your little girl? Wow. She has the most AMAZING blue eyes!

Damitz Family said...

Oh, photography while driving? I thought it was a strange picture of Christmas lights. If you use your imagination you can almost see a sleigh. Try it, I swear it's there!

I'm glad you posted again! I hope you're already planning for the next entry. There are too many fall beauties not to share your talent.

I have to argue just a bit. Cutest baby girl on this side of the Mississippi. It really is a beautiful picture!

2P and Super B said...

I also have to argue with your cutest baby thing. I mean, THAT side of the Mississippi sure, but not THIS side!!
I do love the pics though!