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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Antelope Island Sunsets

Antelope Island is such a great place for sunset pictures. It's like a mock beach here in Utah since I can't be in San Diego all the time, where I'd really like to be! Thanks again for all of your kind comments. I'm happy to know other people are enjoying my photos besides myself!


Damitz Family said...

Ahh, Antelope Island. Good times! It's such a beautiful place once you get past the stink on the causeway, LOL!

Fantastic pictures, as always! I hope you took some at Thanksgiving Point to share (hint, hint!)

Jen said...

Hey Bryan, it's your old friend Jen Mitchell (Hunger now). Anyway... I came across your blog through Brea Nielsen's. What are you up to these days? Where do you live, etc.? It would be fun to get back in touch. Easiest way to know what I'm up to is to check my blog:
Keep in touch